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Andy Leach "Live and Unleached" DVD

Live DVD only £12.00 including P & P

email  for payment details

Also Avaliable

12 easy to do magic tricks fully explained on this great DVD.

£10 inc. P & P


The following items are available to Magicians Only

The Sweet Challenge
By Andy Leach

This superb routine is straight out of Andy's much acclaimed act, "the Sweet Challenge" is where pictures of sweets are turned over one by one and a storey is told depending on which sweet is turned over, giving the performer great credit for his apparent sharp thinking and wit.

This is a 5 minute routine you can put straight into your act, it has the laughs built in and is suitable for adults, children or families with little to do except listen to the laughter

"A Fantastic routine" Roy Davenport

"Simply Superb" Mike Austin

Only £44.99 + £4.99 P & P.

Contact Andy direct for further details or to order.


Andy Leach's "Floating Banger trick."

A five minute comedy routine that can go straight into your act.

With a similar premise to the "vanishing bandana", the instructions for your new trick "the incredible floating banger trick," are on a CD. While you believe you have bought a trick using a "banger" firework you have in fact bought a trick using a "banger" sausage! A chosen sausage floats before finally disappearing whilst the magician struggles to get to grips with the instructions on the CD.
Filled with big laughs throughout, this has been tried & tested hundreds of times and is suitable for any audience, cruise ships, corporate shows, clubs, holiday parks, family & children's shows.

Advantages over similar tricks!
This is new, you don't have to worry that audiences have seen it before, either on TV or even earlier in the week.
The CD is not similar to the "vanishing bandana" so you can do it even if the audience has recently seen a similar trick.
There is nothing to buy every time you want to perform it.
There is no mess. There is nothing to clean afterwards.
There are no liquids and there is nothing to borrow from the audience.
It can be performed anywhere, from a small lounge to a large theatre.
Comes complete with everything you need, including a DVD of Andy performing the trick live and instructions full of tips and wrinkles of how to perform it.

Chris Hare writes "You only have to close your eyes and listen to the frequent gales of laughter from the audience to know that this is a very funny routine. Andy Leach always gets maximum laughter in his act and this particular routine has many more laughs per minute than similar routines that I have seen. If there ever was a self-working effect this is it".

Only £47.99 + £4.99 P & P.

Contact Andy direct for further details or to order.


A Lesson in Magic
Andy Leach

This 5 minute routine plays big for children of all ages.

A child is chosen to have 3 lessons in magic, three loops of rope are introduced and firstly the child manages to make the loops jump, then they manage to make the loops link together and finally they manage to join them into one big loop, all while the magician fails to do each task.

Big laughs throughout, this comes complete with 6 large brightly coloured loops, the large finale loop and a special custom made 3 way change bag.

Only £24.99 plus £2.99 P & P.

The Andy Leach Lecture

Available to all Magic Societies, the Lecture covers all aspects of magic and is tailored to suit your societies members.
Full of tricks, tips, ideas & routines directly from Andy's act and honed over thousands of performances.

"one of the best nights we've ever had at the club in over 30 years"
Keno, President of the Frinton Magic Triangle

"I went to the Andy Leach Lecture at & what a Great Lecture it was, action packed magic from start to finish. Covering Close Up, Children's and Stage Magic, everything was well explained and everyone took home something from the Lecture. It was said to be the best Lecture ever at the society!
As a pro Entertainer I would recommend the Andy Leach Lecture to all Magic Clubs".
Paul Pleasants

email or Phone for a Quote

Also Available by Andy Leach

Lecture DVD "Professional Magic" £15.00
DVD "Homing Cannibals" £8.00
Lecture Notes
(including 3 packet card tricks) £10.00
Photographic Cards £15.00
Barcode Outdone £15.00
It's a Small World £15.00
Magic Birthday Card £20.00
Len Blease's Cups & Balls £20.00

All prices include P & P.
Contact Andy direct for further details or to order.

Secondhand magic

Nick Einhorn's "Coin in bottle" with triple folder, gimmick and signed dvd. £15.00.
John Kennedy's "Card stab" £15.00.
Dan Harlan's "Cardtoon" £10.00.
Coin Unique "£1/1p" £20.00.

All prices include P & P.
Contact Andy direct for further details or to order.

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